Canine Confessions receives an Honourable Mention in the General Fiction category of the New England Book Festival!



You are cordially invited to
the book-signing of
Canine Confessions
by Bernadette Griffin

Thursday, August 8, 2013, from 5pm to 8pm

Indigo Book Store
41 Fashion Dive, East Point Centre
Saint John, NB

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Bernadette Griffin renders a dog's-eye view more vividly than most writers render a human's. I will never forget Daisy, and you will never forget Canine Confessions.

- Ian McGillis, Literary Critic
The Gazette (Montreal)

Canine Confessions

Canine ConfessionsMontreal in the 1970s. The Vietnam War is still sparking controversy. The second tide of feminism washes in on women as Daisy, a flaxen-haired cocker spaniel, recounts in touching, albeit humorous, detail, the story of her life as it intersects with her humans.

Through Daisy, we meet Harry and Monique, their three children, and significant others, and experience all of the turmoil swirling around them, to which she is the all-seeing witness. This inadvertently makes her the repository of family secrets and unspoken intimacies to which she is privy. She is also the parallel intelligence commenting on the plight and predicaments of her owners, not to mention her own life journey.

Daisy's non-human perspective in a human world, so colourfully expressed in her dreams, touches on the new consciousness emerging in all parts of the planet – humans and their relationship to their primal selves and to the natural world in all of its manifestations. Music and singing also find their way into this novel; singing being older than speech itself, the universal tongue used by birds, frogs and crickets; the sensuous activity that rolls body, mind and spirit into one.

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